Smoked Salmon Pasta

Smoked salmon pasta sounds really fancy, but the truth is, it’s the easiest and fastest pasta we’ve ever made. It comes together in just under 30 minutes making it the perfect dish to whip up on a weeknight, but still good enough to impress your guests.

Cottage Cheese witht linseed oil

It goes well with fresh bread, but also jacket potatoes with herring and onions or hackers (herring salad).
This recipe is almost puristic and that’s why I think it’s so delicious. You don’t always have to deal with herbs and spices or spice mixtures a lot.


This homemade meatball recipe is a classicer, and for great reason! For generations, home cooks have relied on this hearty meatball recipe to show some skills the kitchen. All it takes to achieve this meaty main dish is eight basic ingredients.

Whole grain Rye Bread

The whole grain rye bread is an easier version of a northern European classic, made with whole grain spelt and rye flour, cocoa, and oats. This dense bread is not at all dry and makes a nice alternative to light loaves, with a stronger flavour and slightly chewy texture. With both sourdough and yeast options.

Chicken Fricassee

This simple chicken fricassee recipe is incredible! Abundantly tender and cooked with soft mushrooms, crunchy asparagus, and carrots, this easy dinner recipe is packed with flavor and oh, so savory. Dairy-free and low carb for a healthy and quick meal!

Minty green salad

Nothing says healthy and Spring more than a big green salad! This salad if full of nutrient rich green vegetables with a bright mint & dill vinaigrette. … items used in the recipe.

Jump-Start Smoothies

This smoothie would also be great with a variety of other fruit. Try substituting the same quantity of fresh or frozen blackberries, raspberries, or even chopped mango.

French Loaves

My kids love to help me make this delicious bread recipe. It’s quite easy, and they enjoy the fact that they can be eating fresh bread in less than two hours! —Denise Boutin, Grand Isle, Vermont

Turkey Biscuit Skillet

My mother always made this while I was growing up. Now I make it for my husband and kids. I cut the biscuits into smaller pieces so they will brown nicely on top. I also sometimes add mushrooms to this recipe because my family likes them so much. —Keri Boffeli, Monticello, Iowa