Database of Magister South Africa -Student Volunteer Programs-

This is the working always updated online listing and management tool of Magister, what caters Students/ Volunteers, Companies, NGO, NPOs, Institutions, Accommodation and Activities based / situated in Cape Town, South Africa.

Student / Volunteer Cape Town

It stores all your information safe in one place and helps Magister lots to organize your stay to assure that your adventure is exciting and hassle free. As a member of Magister your will be able to manage your own information to assure its always updated. It keeps you on top of others.

Internship/ Volunteer Positions Cape Town

The database stores most of Company, NGO, NPO, Institutions internship and Volunteer positions where Magister had Students and Volunteers in the past. To be listed requires annually membership.

Manage your Housing and Activities

Listed most of the accommodation where Magister had students in the past. Landlord are able to organize their own housing. Used tours and activities are listed as well, what gives related businesses the great opportunity to marketing their products. To be listed requires annually membership.

It makes great sense to be on this database as you can advertise your businesses, you can manage your accommodation you can easily find matching students and volunteers for your projects and tasks.