Database of Magister South Africa -Student Volunteer Programs-

This is the working always updated online listing and management tool of Magister, what caters Students/ Volunteers, Companies, NGO, NPOs, Institutions, Accommodation and Activities based / situated in Cape Town, South Africa.
Magister believes, sharing their almost 2 decades of experiences and exchanging related information is most beneficial for Students and Volunteers as well for businesses what focuses such cliental.

Student / Volunteer based in Cape Town

It stores all member information safe in one place and helps Magister lots to organize the stay to assure that the visit is exciting and hassle free. Member of Magister will be able to manage their own information to assure its always updated. It keeps the Magister member on top of others.

Internship/ Volunteer Positions Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Somerset

The database stores most of Companies, NGOs, NPOs, Institutions who offer internship and Volunteer positions where Magister have/ had Students and Volunteers in the present/ past. To be listed requires annually membership.

Management of Housing and Activities

Listed are most of the accommodation where Magister had students and volunteers in the past. Landlords are welcome to publish their housing. Popular tours and activities are listed as well, what gives related businesses the great opportunity to marketing their products. To be listed requires annually membership.

Obviously, it makes sense to publish this tool. Especially as it helps not only Magister as it provides related tour operators and activities provider to focus direct student and volunteers and therefore a better chance to sell their products.  Landlord who offer student and volunteer  rooms also have a much better chance to organize and visualize  their accommodation in Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Somerset. Project holders, Firms/ companies and related could publish their project and tasks to attract suitable Students and Volunteers. 
To be listed requires affortable annually membership to asure that this database stays clean!